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Engage differently with The Compassion Mindset certification

Start with mindset

It’s how we show up that counts. Help people shift how they view themselves and others.

Train skills, not models

Models don’t work…people do. Move beyond prescriptions and theories. Equip leaders with actionable strategies and skills.

Impact every relationship

Compassion is what makes us human. Re-energize interactions with coworkers, teams and clients.

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How to become a certified Compassion Mindset trainer

The Compassion Mindset certification

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Three skills to help any trainer stay on course

Be a better trainer immediately.

Apply The Compassion Mindset and watch learning happen.

  1. Recognize the three trainer traps
  2. Apply the three compassion skills in your work
  3. Experience more energy and enthusiasm yourself and in your learners
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How does it work?

Compassion is what makes us human, keeps us working together and gets us back on track when we lose our way. The Compassion Mindset is not a feel-good fad and it isn’t another cookie-cutter prescription for difficult conversations.

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Created by Next Element, The Compassion Mindset is an evidence-based framework for transforming workplace interactions. Over 90 percent of leaders who’ve applied our framework say it is more practical, more useful and more effective than any other model of communication and conflict resolution they have used.

The Compassion Mindset trainer certification is available exclusively for trainers employed by large organizations. Contact us today to see if you qualify.

To become a Compassion Mindset certified trainer:

  1. Start conversation by clicking on the Get Started button.
  2. Talk with a Compassion Mindset representative.
  3. Watch The Compassion Mindset webinar and review trainer support materials.
  4. Attend the virtual, three-hour review and Q&A with a Compassion Mindset master trainer.
  5. Change the balance of energy in your company.

Once certified:

  • Get the Compassion Assessment and results for your participants.
  • Train the Compassion Mindset course with digital or hard-copy kits.
  • Enroll participants in a free, automated, followup support program.
  • Receive system and material support and updates.

Become a Compassion Mindset certified trainer today.

Are you ready for The Compassion Mindset?

Are people skills a strategic priority?

Does your organization recognize that communication and conflict skills are critical to business success?

Do you have a learning culture?

Is continuous learning an expectation that is supported from the top down?

Do you want to make a real difference?

Are you ready to engage differently throughout your organization?

Who qualifies for certification?

In-house training and development professionals in organizations with 1,000 or more employees.

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What you get with certification

  • Three-hour live, virtual, Compassion Mindset certification training
  • Video of The Compassion Mindset Course delivered by Next Element
  • Exclusive access to The Compassion Mindset online training portal
  • Access to The Compassion Mindset internal marketing resources
  • Professional training resources for certified trainers of The Compassion Mindset seminar
  • Direct access to support and new developments from Next Element

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Busy in-house trainers need an easy way to get started!

If you are like most in-house trainers, it’s not easy finding time for a new certification. That’s why we built The Compassion Mindset certification with your schedule in mind.

  • Attend the two-hour Compassion Mindset course via live webinar whenever it suits your schedule.
  • Review the trainer materials at your convenience.
  • Schedule your own private virtual certification that takes only three hours.

Tell us about your interest in The Compassion Mindset. We’ll follow up right away to help you through the process.

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